Best Luxury Swiss Made Designer Watches Brands Review.

A luxury designer wristwatches is one of the most important fashion purchases you will ever make. Iconic brands, luxury materials, and an impressive history mean that a high-end timepiece is much more than a fashion buy – it’s a style investment. An emotive accessory that helps to define something of your personal taste and add immediate polish to your everyday look.

At Swag, we are obsessed with beautifully engineered and luxury designer watches. We understand the complexities of choosing a luxury timepiece and we love sharing our knowledge, helping people to make the perfect decision. We curate a beautiful collection of pre-loved watches from brands such as Cartier and Rolex.Read on to discover everything you need to know about luxury women’s watches.

The history of the wristwatch starts with some immediately recognisable names. One of the earliest recorded examples comes from the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth II received an ‘arm watch’ from her admirer Robert Dudley. Later Marie Antoinette commissioned a spectacular diamond ‘bracelet watch’ in typically flamboyant style. The trend, though, didn’t really gather speed until the 19th century after a luxury designer watches (often cited as the first modern wristwatch) was made by Abraham-Louis Breguet for the Queen of Naples in 1810.

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